Welcome to Wushiland Boba  50 up  Group order special offer

Wushiland Boba has a special offer.

If you order more than 50 drinks for your event or conference.


  • Group order offers buy  50+ get 10 free drinks deal.

  • 50+ drinks order, every additional 10 drinks order gets 2 drinks free.

  • Wushiland Boba will automatically add 10 free drinks to your order.

  • Free drinks options are available and limited to 2 drinks on our online google form. 

  • Please process the google form order online and complete to full deposit with print out copy at pick up store.

  • Please process the order and complete the payment 3 days before the pick up date. 

  • Please pick up your drinks with a full payment receipt at the store.

  • Group order only available from Monday to Thursday excluding national holidays.

Please click the picture to sign up for the 50+ group orders application

  • Wushiland Boba reserves the rights to reject and  terminate the sponsorship due to agreement violations. 

  • Any updates and announcements will be posted on Wushiland official website.