Where It All Began
In 1994, Wu-Shih-Lan started its first “Hand-Shaken Tea” store in Tainan, one of the major cities in Southern Taiwan. The commitment of using the best and authentic ingredients led to an exponential popularity growth. Wu- Shih-Land soon successfully expanded its brand and became a leading beverage company in Taiwan. Across the Pacific Ocean- A Taste from Taiwan.
Across the Pacific Ocean- A Taste from Taiwan 
With the desire to share our classic Taiwanese taste to the world, we started our journey in North America. Today, we proudly serve our customers fresh hand-made tea everyday in five locations in Southern California. Our first store OO Tea opened in San Diego, California in 2016, followed by the second store, Wushiland Boba opened in San Gabriel, California in 2017. Recently, three stores were launched in Westfield shopping centers. Come visit us and enjoy a taste of Taiwan without needing to travel thousands of miles away. 

We Guarantee THE QUALITY

To present you the authenticity at its finest, we meticulously select our tea leaves from all around the world, and other major ingredients from Taiwan. We also have partnered with the best local suppliers to ensure high quality for each sip.

We Guarantee THE PROCESS
We do not mess around with our drinks. Wushiland underwent thousands of trials to refine the golden ratio for every recipe. Each cup of tea is handled with extreme care. From brewing, cooking, blending, to temperature control, we take each step precisely to create the classic and unique taste that you will never forget.
We Guarantee YOUR SMILE
Your smile is our first priority. We make every cup of drink with all our hearts and passion. Our mission is that through our drinks memories can be created with loved ones. We will make sure that Wushiland is YOUR CUP of TEA.