Wushiland Boba welcomes

Any associations, organizations, companies and clubs to apply for sponsorship opportunities. 

Sponsorship term is one year and renewable before sponsorship ends.

Wushiland Boba provides special discounts and support for sponsorship partners with agreement. 


  • Wushiland Boba will provide a 10% discount for members of the sponsorship partner during the sponsorship year.

  • ID verification is required for members of sponsorship partners in-store purchase. 

  • Wushiland Bob agrees to a store fundraising event for a sponsorship partner on a requested date from Monday to Thursday. 

  • Sponsorship partners will receive a QR code for the fundraising event used at the store.  The more members and guests purchase with QR code, the more Wushiland Boba donate to the membership partners based on the number of drink sales for the day.

  • Fundraising sales results need to be processed in 2 weeks.

  • Sponsorship partners are required to promote Wushiland Boba promotions or special events on their web homepages,  social medias, fliers or booklets etc. 

Please click the picture to sign up for the sponsorship application.


  • Sponsorship 10% membership discount CAN NOT be combined with any promotions and gift card purchases.
  • Wushiland Boba reserves the rights to reject and  terminate the sponsorship due to agreement violations.  Any updates and announcements will be posted on Wushiland official website.